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GB WhatsApp Pro Download | WhatsApp GB Pro Apk Update 2024

GBWhatsApp Pro download update, is one of the modified WhatsApp by GB Mods versions, that allows you to have features not available in the official app.

GB WhatsApp Pro is a user interface for users of the official app that gives them access to and more control over the app’s privacy and settings.

GBWhatsApp Pro
GBWhatsApp Pro

A link to GBWhatsApp Pro download, is available in the top of this topic. Aside from that, there are multiple subheadings of paragraphs that explain everything about mods, including features, add-ons, and other features.

GB WhatsApp Pro Download

To get the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro update, simply heading to URL download in the beginning of this article and click on the download.

GB WhatsApp Pro download
GB WhatsApp Pro download

It will take you no more than minutes to download the latest version, install it, and set up all of your number account settings if you are a new user.

How to download GBWhatsApp Pro?

  1. Using the download URLs provided in the following paragraph, get the latest GBWhatsApp Pro version file.
  2. Open the settings, then conversations, then a backup copy to make a backup of all official app conversations.
  3. Uninstall the official app after taking a backup.
  4. Install WhatsApp on your phone by navigating to the file manager on your phone. Then to the download manager, where the apk downloading.
  5. Finally, after installing the latest versions of GB WhatsApp Pro, open it and submit the required information, such as your phone number and other account details.

The latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro Update Download with a direct link

Download GB WhatsApp Pro new version, from the Mediafire servers at this link:

GBWhatsApp Pro download Page

GB WhatsApp Pro V17.00 download

What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a user interface for the official Messenger app that includes all of the official WhatsApp’s features. In addition to the many new features, users also may manage their account’s privacy, conversations, and interface. On our website, you could find more similar versions of the app, such as OG WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Omar, WhatsApp GB, and MB WhatsApp.

The New additions in GBWhatsApp Pro

  • Support WhatsApp Pay.
  • More emojis to choose.
  • you can invite certain people in groups.
  • A new interface for recent option settings has been added.
  • Replace the old design.
  • Notification bar has been updated with new icons.

GBWhatsApp Pro tools in the latest version

  • New sticker packages to be available for download.
  • Sticker maker.
  • Cleaner for useless data.
  • New themes have been added.
  • Business app simulation’s automatic reply feature has been integrated.
  • Additional themes are available.
  • Customize the primary chat window.
  • For some conversations, the ability to customize pop-up notifications is available.
  • Share videos that are larger than 50 mb. High-resolution image that can be shared.
  • Audio files up to 100MB in size can be shared.
  • The photos’ original quality can be shared in the status.
  • More than 30 seconds of video status can be shared.
  • A lock can be used to secure the app.
  • Provide a number of different of fonts.
  • The ability to save and recover a backup copy of all settings and conversations at any time.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro update

We’ll go through some of the most important features of the latest update version. As well as the most recent version of the additions and features, and explain how they work.

GBWhatsApp Pro’s Features

Hiding “online” status

One of the most popular update features is the ability to hide your appearance and prevent people from knowing that you are online.

Hiding the check mark read blue messages

When using WhatsApp to receive and send messages. Multiple marks show the status of the messages communicated in conversations.

A single check mark means the message was not received, a check mark means it was received, and a blue check mark means the message was read once it was opened.

Even after reading the sender’s messages, GBWhatsApp Pro allows you to hide the check mark from the sender.

Status “Writing” Hiding in GB WhatsApp Pro

If you are writing a message while in a discussion with a contact, your status will appear to the other end of the conversation as “writing” while you type.

If you wish to hide the visibility of this status from others, GB WhatsApp Pro makes it simple to do.

Recording Voice: The official WhatsApp app status indicates “recording voice” when you record an voice note.

In the latest version of WhatsApp, you can hide it from the privacy options.

Stickers Maker: By using the sticker maker app, you may add and create a variety stickers.

GBWhatsApp Pro Data Cleaner: An application-integrated utility that frees up space by deleting unnecessary files, such as unnecessary conversations and files.

New wallpapers: You can easily add and select one of the new wallpapers available in the GB Pro app from inside app.

Auto Reply to GBWhatsApp Pro chats

The auto reply feature is only available in the WhatsApp Business app; it is not available in normal app. However, GB WhatsApp Pro version includes this feature. You also have the option of customizing the automated response you wish for individual discussions.

Many user interface customizes: are available for customization. What distinguishes this version is the opportunity to customize the interface according on the user’s interests.

In addition to the additions and features that it provides to users, it is possible to modify and customize the screen of the main conversations and chat. As well as notifications and icons, using the GB App application.

Many GB WhatsApp Pro themes: There are several themes available for installation on the app. You could choose one that suits you and install it with the touch of a button.

Furthermore, you may build your themes and share them in the app’s community.

Unlimited media sharing

You can send and share photos and videos up to 100MB in their original resolution without compression.

Moreover, you can send up to 90 images and audio clips larger than 50MB at the same time.

In addition, unlike the official app, which allows you to share clips of no more than 30 seconds, you can send cases of limitless duration.

Extra Security: There is no need to install additional lock apps in addition to lock the app.

Furthermore, WhatsApp allows you to protect your account by inputting a code or a specific pattern before accessing the app.

GB WhatsApp Pro apk disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using the GBWhatsApp Pro.

Some of these disadvantages are as follows:

  • Monthly app version should be asked.
  • Using modified WhatsApp has the propensity to block your account sometimes.
  • Taking away part of the privacy of users, such as the function that prevents messages from being erased at all, as well as when deleting instances.


The latest updates to WhatsApp article is summarized below.

Finally, after explaining how to get GB WhatsApp Pro, and how to update it to the latest version, as well as listing the new features and additions.

We’d like to let you know that you can always update WhatsApp to the latest version via our Download WhatsApp website. Where you can also explore everything there is to know about the app.

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